The World of Stronghold

Chronicles of Calveric: 3rd Week of Snowebb, 1409

On the Trail of Treasure/Attack of the Blackbolts

Guided by the treasure map found in Quasqueton, Calveric, Detmar, and Blodgett determined to leave Dragonsfoot for the 4 day journey north. They met Wallociia, a cleric of the Temple of Knowledge, and her companions the hulking dullard fighter Geofric and his war dog grunt and their companion the gnome Quint Cogspinner, who are seeking a lost temple of their order rumored to have been part of a magical academy ruined decades ago.

Wandering east, the group met a band of halfling mead traders from Goodhive and exchanged pleasantries before arriving at the treasure site. A series of arched bones formed a gallery in a clearing near a hill covered by brambleberries. Under the dragon's ribcage they found any number of digging tools, discarded weapons, and various other (ruined) adventurer's gear. They soon understood why as arrows screamed down from the hill and a group of the infamous Blackbolt bandits (who had waylaid Calveric and stolen his tiny chest months ago) who spread the treasure maps far and wide to lure seekers to their doom.

On this day doom failed them, as Calveric and the group dispatched them quickly. Finding a footpath east, the adventurers soon found a forlorn motte and bailey fort full of tents and a wooden watchtower, full of Blackbolt warriors. Sneaking around to the creek behind the fort, the group discovered a forgotten, or poorly-hidden, entrance to the stronghold. Bursting in they found and dispatched the Blackbolts' leader and other high-ranking members of the gang, as well as a few priests of the Way of the Raging Dragon.

They did not find the chief priest but did find what seemed to be his shrine to the fell Dragonmother and defiled it with impolite acts. They also found the priest's quarters, including a scroll from the High Priest instructing the cleric to search in the area between the bandits' fort and Dragonsfoot, including "Quasqueton", "Madcopse", "Dragonwood", and the "Temple of the Troglodytes". They also found a long book entitled "Magical Mirrors of the Mythus Mage", detailing the many sorts of magical glass this powerful wizard created and scattered around the whole world.

The adventures found themselves at a forked passage, pondering which direction in which to continue…



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