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caravan: A merchant train of multiple wagons of diverse types of traders, merchants, or others bringing goods and/or services to towns that would otherwise lack them. Often include temples and clerics, blacksmiths, craftsmen, entertainers, and more.

Church of the White Quoddess: For centuries, the predominant or established faith in almost any part of the Ecumene.

Court of the Righteous: A caravan known to frequent the Iron Trail that functions as a roaming court, freely adjudicating disputes to all comers and trying (and punishing) those deemed to have broken the "law". Temple of Truth clerics hold devotion services as well. See also lunacy.

Dragonsfoot: A small town near the Dragonwell with a sacrificial altar where offerings were left for the monster lairing in the Dragonwell pursuant to an ancient pact.

Dragonwell: A mysterious mountain southwest of Dragonsfoot, rumored to be the home of a terrible monstrous dragon.

Ecumene: Historic term for all civilized human lands.

Greenleaf Gang: A group of halfling vigilantes/bandits active in the lands south of Ironkeep in the vicinity of Dragonsfoot.

Ironkeep: Once the headquarters of the Iron Knights and default capital of the Iron Trail region, now a fortified town of approximately 5,000 defended by an Iron Knight and his liegemen.

Iron Trail: A network of valleys and plains once ruled by the Iron Knights, a military order charged with warding the lands against invaders and monsters, now fallen into the hands of various warlords, remaining Iron Knights, and other usurpers.

lunacy: Call to arms, war, or otherwise to persecute heretics or enemies of the Church of the White Quoddess.  So named because originally called and pursued depending on various phases of the Moons of Stronghold.

Moons of Stronghold: The collective name for the four moons orbiting the planet on which the World of Stronghold campaign takes place.




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